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Short term visa

Track your application

Once you have finalized your visa application in person, please note that your application is in process and kindly be aware that the visa section is unable to reply to status inquiries regarding visa applications via e-mail due to Danish National Law on the handling of personal information.

Please go to “track your application” on this website.


After the mission has processed your visa application, your application will be returned to the Visa Application Centre or delivered to you by Courier company (if you opted the Courier passback service). 

Your application is either:

Approved - in which case you:

will receive your passport with a visa sticker. Please note that the Danish mission will add a grace period of 15 days to the validity period of your visa. Therefore, the validity period and duration of stay on the visa sticker is not the same. It is your responsibility to check that the information on your visa sticker is correct. Please see How to read the visa sticker.

Or refused - in which case you:

will receive a refusal letter with your passport, explaining the reason behind the refusal. The refusal letter indicates whether the refusal will be appealed automatically to the Danish Immigration Service or whether the applicant should appeal individually. For more information, please visit:

Please note that possession of a visa does not confer an automatic right of entry.

Long term visa

Handling time

Processing time at the Danish Immigration Service or The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) varies according to the type of residence permit applied for:

Danish Immigration Service processing times

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) processing times


Once the Danish Immigration Service or The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) has reached a decision in your case, the Danish mission or VFS will notify you.

Passport Collection

Passports can be collected by the applicant from the visa application centre or it can be couriered. Please note that the third party collection of the documents or passports is not permitted, except in the following cases:

  • Immediate Family Member (i.e. Parents, Children, Spouse)
  • A person collecting on behalf of Government officials if authorized on the Government letter head.
  • Red Carpet representative if authorized on the Company’s letter head.

If any of the above comes for passport collection, they need to carry the following documents:

Photocopy of Govt. ID card, Original ICR and Authorization Letter from applicant.

Applicants who do not wish to collect their documents in person and whose documents cannot be collected by one of the above should select delivery mode as courier at the time of submission.

The applicants are requested to mention the complete delivery address on the covering letter. In case no specific address is mentioned on the covering letter, the passport will be sent to the address mentioned on the Visa Application Form.

This procedure is to ensure the safe and secure return of documents to applicants.