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Important Information


    New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have to apply directly with the Embassy of Iceland by following these steps:

    Applications lodged via Denmark from 07 October 2019 for Iceland will be returned to applicants and deemed inadmissible.

    Applications lodged for Iceland via Denmark before 06 October 2019 will be dealt with by Denmark.

    If you wish to withdraw and apply directly with the Embassy of Iceland, please send an email to

    If you withdraw, please calculate more processing time as you have to re-do application, documents etc. again.

  • Dear Applicant

    From Friday 20 September 2019 it will be mandatory for all applicants to appear in person when submitting a Schengen visa application for Denmark or Iceland, as well as applications for Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Applicants going to Sweden from Bhutan must also appear in person. This rule is based on the Schengen Visa Code Article 10.1 which states “[…], applicants shall appear in person when lodging an application”. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • The applications can be submitted in VFS with or without appointment. Appointments are scheduled through this website or by calling the helpline.

  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here