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A Schengen visa obtained by any of the Schengen Area member countries allows free movement to its holder within the whole Schengen Zone, up to its validity and period limitations.

According to the type of visa issued by the embassy of any Schengen country there are different restrictions that apply to the particular visa in accordance to the nature of travelling and other relevant circumstances.

Depending on the purpose/nature of your travel, there are three major types of visa issued at the Embassy.

    • The Schengen Visa (short-term visa) is a short stay visa allowing its holder to travel to the Schengen area for a certain period up to the maximum of 90 days in every 180 days period.
    • The Limited Territorial validity Visa allows you to travel to or transit through the Schengen States specifically mentioned on the visa.
    • The National Visa (long-term visa) is granted to the certain individuals who are to be working, studying, or residing in Denmark, for the list of categories and required documents please click here.


  • Tourist Schengen visa:

    Tourist Schengen visa is a permission to visit any country within the Schengen Area for a leisure or tourist visit. The holder of the Tourist Schengen visa can stay in the Schengen Area for the number of days indicated on the visa, which cannot exceed 90 days in the period of 180 days.

    • Business Schengen visa:

      The holder of this type of visa is allowed to do business, attend meetings, conferences & fairs in the country of destination. A visa does not allow you to work in Denmark unless the Immigration Service has explicitly granted you this right, for more information please click here.

    • Visiting Family & Friends visa:

      The holder of this type of visa is allowed to stay in the Schengen Area with the purpose of visiting family members or friends.
    • Airport Transit Schengen visa

      This type of visa is for the airport transit in the Schengen Area. The holder of the visa is not allowed to leave the so-called transit area at the airport. Nationals of the countries listed in Annex IV of Visa Code shall be required to hold an airport transit visa when passing through the international transit areas of airports situated on the territory of the Member States.